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DC Motor Parts, Inc.

OEM Part Number
Our Item #
Item Size/Description
Brush Grade
2-1820 Brush
13078.250 x .375 x .840 W/Spring
Helwig H3 Electrographite0/0
2-1859 Brush
.250 x  .625 x 1.000 W/Spring
Helwig H27 Electrographite
2-1885 Brush13077.250 x .375 x .610 W/Spring
Helwig K085 Copper Graphite0/0

AO Smith

Every brush listed, except those marked with a GE, Morgan/National Carbon, or Mersen/Carbone grade, is the Helwig Carbon version of the OEM brush.
All brushes furnished will be the Helwig Carbon version of the OEM brush, unless otherwise specifically requested by the customer.
All OEM part numbers are used for reference purposes only.